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People who pursued an initiative in their teenage years are
4 times as likely to be C-level leaders and
5 times as likely to be company founders.


Youth Venture South Asia has over 150 young changemakers working actively towards changing their communities and making this world a better place. Apply now for the next
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Ashoka's Vision: Realizing the 'Everyone a Changemaker' World

Once teenagers have had an idea, built a team, and changed their world, they have got their Ph.D.s in the most important skill in the world!

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“The soul of India lives in its villages."

- Mahatma Gandhi


Anshul Tewari has his finger on the pulse of young India as the founder of India’s largest youth-based media platform, Youth Ki Awaaz (YKA). At any point, he can give the current view on what young Indians think about issues like gender equality, caste discrimination, or rapid urbanization.


Mahatma Gandhi didn’t kindle panic and fear in the mighty British empire only because he was a determined man on the march; it was also because swayed a massive, fragmented sub-continent of millions to march with him.

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I just heard a story that I adore. It comes from Ali Raza Khan, an Ashoka social entrepreneur and education reformer in Pakistan.


At the recent inaugural summit of his new foundation, Barack Obama warned, “Something [is] wrong with the civic culture, not just in the United States but around the world.” This inward turning and civic disengagement long predate the 2016 election. 

But it also heralds the rise of radical individual agency and the democratization of leadership, where everyone can potentially make and lead change.


This article originally appeared on Forbes.

How Bill Drayton and Roy Prosterman Shaped Our Core Principles on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Leadership

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