Changemaker Skills

In this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, social problems are increasingly outrunning the solutions. Therefore, the art of changemaking –working empathetically with a team to solve a community problem– becomes essential.

When children and adults master changemaking skills to solve problems which they care deeply about, they discover their own power to challenge the status quo and their agency to catalyse change for collective success. The skills that Ashoka has identified as a prerequisite for success in our constantly changing world are a core quartet of skills known as Changemaker skills.

  • Empathy is not only the awareness of others’ feelings but also the key link between self and others by which one understands what others experience in their end.
  • Teamwork is an efficient way of achieving successful work as the fact of understanding one another helps in boosting productivity and efficiency of teams as well as performance of organizations.
  • Collaborative leadership is a unique type of facilitation that effectively connects all the right people and enables collaboration among diverse teams which leverage key resources and individual strengths to create positive collective outcomes.
  • Creative problem solving is the mindset that drives people to bring out the best in themselves and to actively shape the world in a positive way.

A Changemaker culture is an imperative in a world where as much as 80% of the best jobs of tomorrow do not yet exist today. Ashoka has been globally identifying the many boys and girls who have started movements or transformed their communities before the age of 20 or even before finishing high school. The Youth Venture has been empowering such individuals for years through its program to have the freedom, confidence, and social support to drive positive change.


For Parents and Schools

As a part of the "Everyone a Changemaker™" (EACH) vision, Ashoka aims to help students, parents, teachers and school administrators to understand and internalize their role in shaping the world of tomorrow. In this way, we will manage to spread awareness of the importance of these skills and know-how of developing a Changemaker culture. At the same time, partnering schools will be able to collaborate with various community stakeholders in building an environment where all students believe in their changemaking ability. Furthermore, participating school will become a part of a network of like-minded and forward-thinking educational institutions that share a vision: An “Everyone A Changemaker™” world.