Young Changemakers of Rural India: Building Resilient Communities

“The soul of India lives in its villages."

- Mahatma Gandhi


India has 640,000 villages, which saw three revolutions since the 1970s: rice and wheat, milk and poultry. As a result, India is number one in milk production and among the top five in poultry. Smart village revolution can be next in providing holistic and integrated development.

We are excited to share that Svayamkrishi Endowment and Ashoka Innovators for the Public have come together to introduce the new framework for inspiring rural youth to be changemakers and in the long run, develop the culture of everyone embracing empathy-based living for the good of all to build models for sustainable villages and self-reliance among villagers and replicate the models across villages in India.





The Endowment meets these objectives through:


a) Identifying young changemaker role models from rural India as Ashoka Young Changemakers. 
b) Co-creating experiences to influence other stakeholders:

  • Enabling selected Ashoka Young Changemakers to conduct Your Kids sessions in their villages for adults
  • Engaging with existing Ashoka Fellows working in rural areas to get ideas on empowering their villages
  • Organising sessions in village school or platforms to inspire more young people
  • Developing media partnerships to cover their stories in local media

Please refer to the status document for updates on the progress and future activities:


Learn more about the innovative models developed by Ashoka Fellows that are transforming villages in diverse parts of India and are inspiring rural youth to take action:


Dr. Ratnam Chitturi, Founder - President, North-South Foundation, has taken this initiative with the hope that many others will join and contribute to this Endowment to bring a sustained benefit to rural India.